Spotted In June

Alpha Card 13-07-2018

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Spotted in May

Alpha Card 11-06-2018

Here at Alpha Card, we love innovative ad campaigns; something that catches the eye and engages the reader. After all, it's what we do: create engagement.

Every month we will highlight a print ad that...

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Innovative Prospectus Captivates Students at East Durham College

Alpha Card 25-05-2018

One of the north east’s leading education establishments, East Durham College, has successfully engaged with potential applicants after joining forces with Alpha Card.   

Market leaders in the manufacture of Z folding cards and other marketing and communications products, Alpha Card successfully bridges the gap between the digital and conventional print worlds, offering an interactive way of displaying...

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Alpha Card Announces Acquisition of German Specialist Print Agency

Alpha Card 23-05-2018

Alpha Card is celebrating further growth following the acquisition of German specialist print agency, Card Media, just weeks after its expansion into the US.

Having worked with Munich based Card Media for a number of...

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Alpha Card Expands to the US Market

Alpha Card 04-05-2018

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How to Spread the Word About Your New Products and Services

Alpha Card 04-01-2018

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for spreading awareness about your new product or service, we’ve got some top tips to get everyone excited about your latest idea.

Social media


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How to know if you need to hire a creative content agency

Alpha Card 24-10-2017

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Is your content marketing the best it can be?

Alpha Card 22-09-2017

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How to find inspiration in everyday advertising

Alpha Card 31-08-2017

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6 tips for a successful business card design

Alpha Card 14-07-2017

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FSC vs. Recycled

Alpha Card 13-07-2017

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5 things you should include in your business leaflets

Alpha Card 23-05-2017

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Hoffenheim’s Success on and off the Field –Top of the League in Fan Engagement

Alpha Card 19-05-2017

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Monzo – the Digital Bank Exploiting the Power of Print

Alpha Card 28-04-2017

Monzo Bank are a relatively new face in the world of banking, making big waves in the digital scene. They operate entirely digitally and offer innovative and convenient ways for customers to...

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Digital Vs. Print: The Face Off

Alpha Card 03-04-2017

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5 Creative Business Cards

Alpha Card 22-03-2017

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The best print campaigns of the last year

Alpha Card 31-01-2017

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The Top Corporate Christmas Card Designs


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The Top Marketing Campaigns of 2016


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3 Quick Ways to Refresh your Print Marketing Campaign for the Summer


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New Year's Resolution: let us help you with your print marketing


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Why User-Generated Content is the Key to Great Visual Communication


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