The Top Marketing Campaigns of 2016


As a provider of versatile Z folding cards for use in marketing, we know how vital it is for you to apply some unconventional thinking if you want your own...

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Why Traditional Marketing Methods are Making a Comeback


It's a widely-held belief that, if businesses are to succeed and expand their client base, they need to have an online presence. While this may be true to some extent, marketing does not have to...

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3 Quick Ways to Refresh your Print Marketing Campaign for the Summer


For many of us, there's always something that feels genuinely special about summer. Sometimes, it can be just due to the kind of warm weather that we're not exactly used to in this part of...

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Our Top 5 Print Design Trends


If you're indecisive about what designs to choose for advertising cards from Alpha Card, you don't have to look far for inspiration. Recent months have seen some very particular design practices rise to prominence,...

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Print marketing: under-utilised, unparalleled opportunities


Print marketing: that's an outdated promotional method, surely? It can't be worth considering when there are so many advanced digital marketing techniques available these days. Er, right? Actually, it might be more accurate to say that it's attitudes like these...

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Using QR codes & other digital marketing tools to enhance your print marketing


Once you know what a QR code looks like, you are unlikely to struggle to spot one in many different situations. Though the recent proliferation of these distinctive little barcodes are certainly reflective of...

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Advantages of using print marketing in a digital age


It is tempting to think that, with the Internet and, alongside it, digital marketing strategies having flourished in the last two decades, print marketing must, by now, be something of a dinosaur. However, this is...

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How to create an integrated print and online campaign


As much as the Internet has hugely influenced a large diversity of companies' marketing practices, especially with the rise of social media, print advertising remains far from dead. In fact, online and print marketing can...

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Why User-Generated Content is the Key to Great Visual Communication


User-generated content (UGC) describes any form of content which was created by consumers and then made publicly available to others. It’s become an increasing popular method of communicating with those who use a certain product,...

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Testimonial from Graduate Prospects


clip_image001For my first time working with Alpha Card, I have found them to been nothing but professional. When I was working to a very tight deadline,...

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Alpha Card are proud to say that all of our products are made in Britain


Here at Alpha Card we are happy to actively promote that our products are made in Britain, but how important is this fact to consumers?


We live in a rapidly shrinking world. Communications and the interconnectivity...

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So what's new at Alpha Card???


We’e got plenty of exciting products being produced here at Alpha Card……


Have you seen our Lanyard Card? It’s great for festivals and events.


You can improve the festival experience by providing all of the...

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The case for Compact Media in a digital age


In 2013, when it comes to successfully and cost-effectively marketing products and services, it’s all about digital. Right?

 Here are just five reasons why I believe that Compact Media cards have a valuable...

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Q.R. Codes - blending your online and offline communcations


You’ve probably noticed the little ‘barcode’ like symbols appearing more and more on the things around you. Once you’ve noticed one, you start to see hundreds! You can see them on everything from posters and...

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Nifty Compact Media Cards


Nifty…….that’s a great word isn’t it? It conjures up all sorts of other descriptive words in my mind like “quick”, “efficient”, “neat” and “smart”. I decided to look up the actual definition of the word...

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Buy Yorkshire Exhibition. Alpha Card - Stand 84



We are very happy to announce that we are taking part in the Buy Yorkshire Exhibition on 24th and 25th April 2013  at the Royal Armouries, Leeds

The Buy Yorkshire...

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Alpha Media ends Z-Card contract to launch Alpha Cards


Alpha Media Solutions (AMS) has parted ways with Z-Card to produce a rival credit card-sized folded marketing product under the trademarked name Alpha Cards.


AMS managing director Ian Whitfield said that he had been in discussions...

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