Spotted In September

Alpha Card 30-10-2018

In September, retail giant John Lewis took us all by surprise after relaunching its brands: John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners – gaining a new visual identity in the process.

As the first-ever joint marketing campaign for both the department store and supermarket, its primary aim was to become fit for purpose for digital use, in particular mobile.

The new branding features the same elements, but with subtle differences. John Lewis uses mostly black, whereas Waitrose has stuck to its original green colour, still incorporating the familiar stripes of the previous logo.

A “manifesto” has since appeared in print ads, in stores and online, reading: "When you’re part of it, you put your heart into it. At Waitrose and John Lewis, we’re more than employees. We’re partners. Which means we all have a share in the business and we all have a shared commitment: to go above and beyond for every customer, providing quality products and outstanding service. That’s why we’re adding partners to our name. Because for us, it’s personal."

Importantly, John Lewis’ new look reflects the retailer’s increased focus on fashion. The rebranding combined with the launch of their biggest ever womenswear collection (labelled John Lewis & Partners) is helping push the idea of a modern and progressive brand that customers want.

Their new simplistic, contemporary and personalised approach is what caught our eye for this month’s edition of ‘Spotted in…’ series – in particular, the use of the branded ads showcased on the London Underground.

The above ad is appropriately minimalist, yet still tells the consumer all they need to know. The bold slogan “Furniture as unique as you” reminds the public of its ‘personal’ mission and leads the eye directly to the stunning furniture itself.

It also serves as an excellent reminder as to the importance of incorporating both print and digital strategies to increase brand awareness and drive customer engagement.

We at Alpha Card HQ particularly like their slogan, “Because, for us, it’s personal” as we too work hard to deliver the same values. Our company proudly treats its staff like family and this is reflected in our customer service as well as in the quality of our products.

This is just one September print campaign that we believed was worth talking about. Don’t forget to check back next month to hear our thoughts about another recent campaign.

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