How to create an integrated print and online campaign


As much as the Internet has hugely influenced a large diversity of companies' marketing practices, especially with the rise of social media, print advertising remains far from dead. In fact, online and print marketing can work in tandem for a marketing campaign that is more effective than a stand-alone online or print promotion. Here are some tips for achieving a smoothly integrated campaign.


Set up a good variety of online channels


During the years of the Internet's infancy, it could easily impress potential customers if they were simply handed advertising cards which each displayed the company's website address alongside the usual details of the company's name, address and phone number. These days, however, your company should have not only a website, but also pages on Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube.


For advertising, these social media channels can prove amazingly effective - and cost-effective! It's also easy to use them to show a large degree of imagination that can wow potential customers. You could, for example, get unique hashtags trending on Twitter or provide video tutorials on YouTube.


Cite your online channels on your advertising cards


Print advertising is also, unsurprisingly considering how traditional it is, very easy and inexpensive to engage in. For example, you can easily arrange for Alpha Cards to speedily produce, in huge numbers, advertising cards adorned with your company's recognisable logo.


Other details you should remember to place on these cards include your company's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube handles. Listing these usernames alongside icons that clearly represent these different social media websites can particularly catch potential customers' eyes.


Provide people with something to get excited about


So, you have had a large volume of advertising cards made by Alpha Card and handed many of these out to people who seem interested in what you offer. These people could end up visiting your website and social media channels, but they are unlikely to stay on those channels for long if you don't give them anything interesting to do there. This is where the campaigning really gets underway...


On the cards, you could cite a competition that your company is running on Twitter. Alternatively, you could tell them of humorous videos that they could watch on your company's YouTube channel. Such imaginative ideas can really excite people, in the process leading them to think more positively about your company - and, by association, its products or services. The power of integrated marketing...

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