5 Quick Tips for your Offline Marketing Presence


While many businesses these days focus their marketing efforts predominantly online, your firm can still make a great impact with certain offline marketing methods.


Offline marketing isn't necessarily traditional or 'old hat' – indeed, it can be just as relevant to 21st-century marketing as online marketing methods, as these five quick tips show.


  1. Use quirky handouts

The unfortunate reality of handing out standard leaflets is that the majority of people who are given them in the street will quickly throw them away without looking at the content.


Try, instead, giving them something that intrigues them immediately and makes them want to learn more. Alpha Cards are an attractive, pocket-sized way of displaying a wealth of information, which folds out into a sheet as large as 84cm x 29.7cm.


An unorthodox packaging design and a striking colour scheme for your product can also be key to garnering attention on the shelves of shops. Whatever the context, appearance is key when you need to market your product or service.


  1. Advertise on billboards on busy roads

This is a straightforward one. Shop around for the best advertising spaces and consider how many people are going to be noticing it on a daily basis.


Target main roads in and out of cities and towns. With a billboard in the right location, you will garner the attention of commuters. The regular exposure to your advertising will further ingrain your business or product into your potential consumers' memories.


  1. Offer short-term discounts and free samples

Get prospective customers on your side by providing them with a free sample of your product, or by giving them discount vouchers for your products or services.


Consumers will always be glad to take a free product. As smallbusiness.co.uk explains, this type of marketing is great for building up brand loyalty because it makes the consumer feel important and taken care of. Discounts and samples can be seen as preferential treatment, even if you're offering them to anyone who asks for them.


  1. Print corporate stationery

This one relates specifically to brand awareness. Printing your brand onto various types of stationery will help people to passively remember your brand.


This works as a good alternative to free samples if what you're selling is too costly to give away, or your business is a start-up with relatively small resources. Handing out something that you know people are going to be using on a daily basis, such as office supplies, increases the likelihood of them noticing your brand.


  1. Advertise on transport

You don't need to rely on people driving past your advertisement if you can bring the billboard to them.


As this interesting article on the Entrepreneur site outlines, advertising on buses and in transit stations can be a great way to spread the word of your business or product far and wide. Commuters will see it while they travel to work, as will anyone in the area of the bus or tram's route.


That the consumer may only glimpse the ad is likely to instil curiosity in their mind, making them want to look up and learn about what you are advertising.


There you have it – five quick tips that show that the right offline marketing campaigns really can play a big role alongside your existing online marketing efforts.

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