The Top Corporate Christmas Card Designs


Christmas is a time of frivolity and good will, so what better time could there be for your business to do away with the usual formalities and get into the festive spirit by sending out some Christmas cards? These can be for co-workers, clients, other businesses or as a friendly gesture to the competition.

But what designs are best for corporate Christmas cards? As informal as Christmas cards tend to be, traditional Christmas cards or ones featuring racy jokes could make your business look shabby or unprofessional.

Here are some of the best design ideas for corporate Christmas cards this holiday season.


Glittering designs

An eye-catching and kind gesture can be great for offline marketing, with dedicated advertising cards often doing a great job of spreading brand awareness. Don't go cheap with your Christmas cards - opt for designs that shine and stand out.

Cards that use red, gold or green glitter on a relevant Christmas image can sparkle in the light and look outstanding. But don't just settle for a dirt-cheap glitter card that will cause a mess all over your recipients, as the quality of the Christmas card that you will choose will be seen as reflective of your company's standards in general.

A cheap, conventional card can make your business look uncaring, giving the impression that you are simply sending the card out of obligation. No one likes cleaning mess up, so why not get a high-quality card with glitter that doesn't shed?


The personal touch

Emphasise the fact that your company is not just a faceless corporation and bring together the people that help to make everything possible. Gather your workforce or co-workers together and take a group photo against a Christmassy background, or commission some silly caricatures of them.

Many sites allow personal card production in bulk to send to multiple people, but the photo that you take, or the quirky artwork that you commission of your workforce, shows to your recipients that you have made an effort for them.

A group photo card is a great way to have some fun while staying relevant to your company. Putting an emphasis on your brand and business as a whole in the Christmas card helps to subtly advertise your goods or services to a wider audience.

Christmas cards can be great for showing your gratitude to your regular customers and clients in a more personal way than you might otherwise do.

As EHS Today explains, a Christmas card can act as a "a subtle form of networking". However, there are certain steps that you should take to ensure success, including choosing a high-quality card that will not offend its recipient, with a design that is appropriate for your business associates.


Alpha Card can provide lasting Christmas wishes

Our bespoke z folding card designs, available in various sizes, are perfect for personalising and for advertising your company in a quirky way. You can combine your Christmas wishes with a breakdown of the offers that you have over the holiday season or a short description about your company.

To learn more about how Alpha Card can assist you in wishing the best for your colleagues and clients over the holiday season, as well as to receive a quote for bulk printing, feel free to contact us.

In the meantime, click through to the Small Business Trends site if you would like to learn more about what not to do when sending business holiday cards.

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