Print marketing: under-utilised, unparalleled opportunities


Print marketing: that's an outdated promotional method, surely? It can't be worth considering when there are so many advanced digital marketing techniques available these days. Er, right? Actually, it might be more accurate to say that it's attitudes like these that are outdated. Here are several major reasons why print marketing is not being utilised as much as it should be.

Play those cards... the advertising cards

Many companies seem to be so preoccupied with trying to find new ways of reaching out to potential customers online that they neglect vital print marketing methods. Look, for example, at advertising cards. These are still regularly handed out by various companies, but rarely move far away from the typical design of minimal black text on a plain white background. What a dull look...

You can therefore exploit your competitors' neglect in this area by thinking more carefully about what your company's advertising cards should look like. Now, you don't want to go too far the other way and end up scaring off potential customers by coming across as too, well... eccentric. However, more creativity in the appearances of those cards can leave more lasting positive impressions.

The not-so-common touch

An awful lot of promotional emails that land in your inbox probably get very little attention from you, their intended target, for several crucial reasons. One is that the subject line is your earliest experience of such an email - and, having read that line, you would probably quickly judge that the full email would not interest you, even before you read that email. Another reason is that many such emails could land in the 'spam' or 'junk' folder and so likely catch none of your attention whatsoever.

Print materials, on the other hand, can be much easier to ignore. Among the senses, touch has an especially powerful effect on memory, and this is a huge advantage for a print marketer - because online materials can't be touched, whereas print materials obviously can be.

This is just the beginning

So, ultimately, print promotions can, in many instances, grab people's attentions better than digital marketing. However, once those attentions have been caught, there's still vital work to do to convert those interested people into paying customers. There are several unique ways in which you can do this; some of them, such as printing QR codes, could even involve using print cards in tandem with digital promotions.

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