Print That Packed a Punch in Feb

Kate Shropshall 12-02-2020

We spotted a fantastic, unique campaign this month that incorporated, print marketing, 3D print, billboards, model making and YouTube influencers. Nestlé owned KitKat teamed up with Wunderman Thompson Agency in London and the oldest UK model manufacturers, Airfix to promote their classic message ‘Have a Break’ and to assist miniature model makers in taking a break from building their Supermarine Spitfires, reminding them that even the most enjoyable, intricate hobbies require a break from time to time.

The Campaign launched as a billboard ad showing the unbuilt components of the model plane along with the KitKat but then the campaign was brought to life with a limited edition model making kit and the chocolate bar was designed to be enjoyed as part of the building process. The KitKat was even built into a biodegradable 3D printed ‘sprue’, and half way through the instruction manual the words ‘Have a break, Have a KitKat’ were printed. Builders of the model plane were then showed how to unwrap and enjoy their well earned chocolate wafer biscuit in the manual.

Once the Kits were manufactured, KitKat then sent them to YouTube Influencers to demonstrate the kits on their channels. Because Airfix are the UKs oldest manufactures of model making kits, influencers that are passionate about their craft saw this as very appropriate for their channels and for the brand. Be sure to check back next month for another ‘Print that Packed a Punch!'

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