How to promote your event with print marketing effectively

Kate Shropshall 04-03-2020

Festivals, tradeshows, conferences, open days and gigs, are all events that can use print marketing to not only promote their business but also boost your sales during an event.

‘I had the pleasure of working with the Alpha Card team. They have been nothing but friendly, attentive, responsive, and professional from the beginning. I was surprised by their speed and attention to detail when creating the addendum for our Annual State conference. Their Z-Fold brought our conference to another level and I would welcome the opportunity to partner with Alpha Card in the future.’ Jordan Ontiveros, Texas Recreation and Parks Society. (TRAPS 2020)

You may be thinking that skimping on your print marketing materials prior to exhibiting or holding an event to save money and using completely digital channels to use as promotional tools may be the best option for your business. If you are thinking that, read on.

We’ve put together these 4 very important reasons why promoting your events this year with print marketing as part of your strategy is crucial.

Number One. You can reach the right people in the right way.

There are countless ways of reaching your target audience with your new and attention-grabbing print marketing. Door to door maildrop, specialist newspaper/magazine inserts, public distribution and instore distribution are only a few. It can be difficult to reach your target audience effectively online by simply posting on your social media account or maybe implementing banners on your websites and even targeted digital ads can tend to be overlooked as we see so many of them on a daily basis. The most effective method is to identify your target audience, select an engaging and retainable piece of printed marketing collateral and the best method of putting this piece in their hands. If you have the addresses of people who are potential attendees, then sending them some impressive print as an invite to your event or trade stand can really grab attention and drum up a lot of curiosity about your brand. The personability factor will resonate highly with your potential client, building a great relationship from the get-go or helping to sustain great relationships with your current clients.

Number Two. You can boost your sales DURING an event too with print marketing.

There are numerous ways that this can be done. Brochures, unique leaflets and business cards are all great ways to push your brand and sales information. But don’t just stop there. Using QR codes around your event or on your stand can get people to your site or social media pages. Making it easier for them to convert through your online channels or raise your brand awareness. Print collateral also provides a method of giving away vouchers and coupons on a perforated slip, again encouraging people to attend your event if you push the fact they can only retrieve this discount with this voucher.

Number Three. Print Marketing makes your brand look great and promotes trust.

Printed marketing materials give your company a professional, experienced and well-established image. Going completely online can give your company a very start up feel. It is important for any business to portray a reliable and trustworthy image especially if you are fairly new and print marketing can help provide that image which in turn will get those conversions in. People can also be very wary about clicking on some online ads, with print marketing this fear doesn’t exist. Print marketing, especially in the right format, gives your content longevity that can’t be achieved by many digital channels.

Number Four. It creates a big opportunity to stand out from a saturated market.

By using print marketing, especially in an impactful format, you create the opportunity to not only be remembered but also for your brand to stand out, so really thinking about the design and artwork of your chosen collateral is crucial. Print is tangible and so it engages the senses and is remembered a lot more than the 1000’s of digital ads we see each day. If you have a killer piece of print marketing, you are likely to stay in the minds of your customers for longer.

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